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Hope Heroes Adventure

Make a difference this summer, create change!

The "Hope Heroes Adventure" program is designed to educate children about the experiences of kids in foster care while engaging them in fun and educational activities during Vacation Bible School, summer camps, and adventures. The program aims to foster empathy, understanding, and support for children in foster care, while providing an entertaining and memorable experience for all participants. 


Program Activities: 

1. "Hope Heroes Outreach": A group activity where children create care packages or letters of encouragement for children in foster care, fostering a sense of compassion and support.

2. Care Package Assembly: Organize a care package assembly activity where children can gather essential items, toys, or books to create care packages for children in foster care. This hands-on activity will help them understand the practical ways they can make a difference.

3. Fundraising Project: Engage children in a fundraising project to support Closet of Hope. They can organize a bake sale, a mini carnival, or a donation drive within the community, with the proceeds going towards the organization's programs.

4. Hero Training Workshops: Interactive workshops where children learn about the challenges faced by kids in foster care and how they can make a positive impact through empathy and support.



The "Hope Heroes Adventure" program aims to blend education, empathy, and fun, providing a valuable and enriching experience for children participating in their community during their summer adventures! 


Sign up link coming soon!


Contact Alyssa Blitch with any additional questions! 

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