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We love being able to make a difference in the lives of foster, kinship and adoptive families!

Ms. Jones

“It meant a lot to me because , he came into my life on a short notice. I am a single woman on social security and I would not have been able to provide him with things he may have wanted. Thanks so much for all you have done and again we appreciate it"

The Dunbar Family

"Greetings, Closet of Hope, Donors, Businesses and Volunteers I wanted to take the time to express my immense gratitude to Closet of Hope, donors, businesses and volunteers this holiday season. This is the second year you all blessed my grandchildren with an unforgettable Christmas that they will always cherish. Seeing the smile on their face, after everything they’ve endured, while opening their presents is such a beautiful thing. You have been extremely patient and empathetic to me and my family during one of our lowest times, while also making sure the process was quick and easy. I ask that God continues to bless you and your family, as you have blessed mine. Thank you again, and I pray you have a great and safe Christmas."

The Smith Family

“This meant so much to our family to be able to make our children's Christmas and to see them smile. The care and love that you all show and have shown to families like ours just means the world to us. You helped us lighten the struggle to provide happiness to our family, to our children. Thank you.”

The Washington Family

“I want to take some time to express my sincere gratitude. I have been crying all morning because I am just blown away at what an amazing community I am a part of. It's said that it takes a village but as a military and foster family, it's especially hard to find that village. You all came through for our foster daughter tremendously and we are so fortunate! She is such an amazing young girl, the world has thrown life at her in a way that is just simply way too much for any one person. She's incredibly resilient, hopeful, strong, and has a beautiful outlook on life despite everything she's been through. She deserves so much in life and you all helped turn a hard time for her into a magical and happy Christmas. Thank you doesn't do it justice. But thank you to everyone who shared and/or purchased a gift. And thank you everyone at Closet of Hope for all you do for everyone. You ALL make the world a better place!”

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